Friday, June 13, 2008

The African American Cultural Preservation Committee on Saipan

Mission Statement: Awareness, Education, Community

The CNMI African American Cultural Preservation Committee is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the experience and promoting the awareness of the African American community within the CNMI and the entire Pacific region. In addition to community support and scholarships, we offer educational programs, workshops and lectures on topics and issues including Indigenous Cultural issues, African American Culture and History, African Influence in the Pacific Region, and Mixed Parentage Challenges among other issues.

As a vibrant community within the CNMI, our members have traditionally offered our time, talents and passion to the growth, development and prosperity of the CNMI. Through programs, press-releases and our website, we shall continue to increase the overall community's awareness of our presence, history and contributions.

We shall ensure that communities within and visitors to these islands are aware of the unique African and African American contribution to world and regional history. We shall promote the cultural legacy of people and cultures of distinction. Our annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration March and keynote speech is an example of this promotion. Our community's support and persistence (along with local legislators) was instrumental in the passage of legislation to recognize MLK Day as a commonwealth-wide holiday.

The CNMI African American Cultural Preservation Committee is a cohesive community of and for people and families of African descent here on the Mariana Islands (Saipan, Tinian, Rota). Our welcoming committee offers information and a wealth of experience and perspectives to new arrivals to the CNMI to assist in any needed adjustments and transition. We shall promote fellowship and camaraderie among all who have chosen to live here in the CNMI. We shall meet regularly, organize events that allow members to interact, improve life and to get to know one another personally. We welcome all regardless of nationality, culture or background.


James Bond Jr. said...

Hello, I am interested in contacting you. I would like to teach in Saipan and am interested in any advice you have.


Joyce said...

I'm a graduate student looking for books on African American experience in the Pacific, particularly Micronesia. Do you have any suggestions?