Friday, January 16, 2009

MLK Day Jan 19:Winners of Essay and Elocution Contest Announced

The African American Cultural Preservation Committee on Saipan would like to congratulate the following
students on their winning entries for the "What Would Martin Say" Essay and Elocution Contest. These students will receive awards and prizes supplied by IT&E, MegaByte and Hollywood Theaters, as well as cash prizes!

Elocution Contest Winners
Category: Name Grade/School

(6-8) Dayanara Flores (8th Grade Hopwood)

(9-12) Bianca Blanco (11th Grade, Grace Christian)

Elocution contest winners will perform their speeches
on Monday during the 4pm - 6:00pm program. Everyone
in the community is invited to attend.

Essay Contest Winners
Category: Name Grade/School
(3-5) Dylan Cabrera (3rd Kagman Elementary)

(3-5) Frances Rosemarie G. Santos (3rd grade Kagman elem)

(6-8) Yvonnalynn Salalila (8th Grade, Hopwood Jr. High ) ,

(9-12) Joseph Martin (10th, Marianas High School)

We wish to thank the Northern Mariana Council for the Humanities,
and American Memorial park for their generous support.

We wish to thank all the students from all the schools throughout
the CNMI who participated and encourage all to attend
the commemoration activities to take place at Memorial Park
on Monday January 19, 2009 beginning at 1:00pm.

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